Is Target Vessel Failure a Failure?

As with any treatment, when contemplating percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) we must remain clear regarding our goals.

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Guideline-Concordant Statin Therapy Use in Secondary Prevention

More than 30 years of evidence show that statin (in particular high-intensity statin) therapy reduces major vascular events in patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD).

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Novel Left Atrial Markers for Risk Stratification of Heart Failure: Ready for Prime Time?

Measurement of the left atrial (LA) volume index is a standard when evaluating the left atrium in echocardiography.

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Optimizing Blood Pressure Components for a Healthy Brain: The Holy Grail in Blood Pressure Management

The number of adults with elevated blood pressure (BP) has doubled over the past 3 decades, and hypertension is among the leading modifiable risk factors for attributable deaths.

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TAVR 20 Years Later: A Story of Disruptive Transformation

Although “innovation” has become the buzzword of the decade, in health care, technological innovation over the last century has been transformative.

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