Qianhai Life Insurance Guangzhou General Hospital Successfully Conducts First Lung Cancer Cryoablation Surgery

"Director Hui, I have to ask you to save me again this time!" Recently, Director Hui Yu of the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at Guangzhou General Hospital of Qianhai Life Insurance received a request for help from his former patient, Aunt Zhang (pseudonym).

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Zhejiang University Run Run Shaw Alar Hospital’s "Uterine Defense Battle"

Recently, an acquaintance with a worried face was received at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic of Run Run Run Shaw Alar Hospital of Zhejiang University. The patient had an unexpected pregnancy and a medication abortion, and continued to have a small amount of vaginal bleeding for more than a month before coming back for follow-up. During the ultrasound examination, Director Wang Bo and Director Xu Haishan of the Ultrasound Medicine Department immediately issued an "alarm": residual intrauterine pregnancy tissue accompanied by the formation of arteriovenous fistula. A slightly higher echogenicity of 3.2x2.5x2.8 cm can be seen in the uterine cavity, with rich blood flow signals visible in the surrounding and internal areas. PW can measure the frequency spectrum of the arteriovenous system.

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Zhengda Fifth Affiliated Hospital Successfully Conducted Short Term Spinal Cord Electrode Implantation Surgery

Recently, the Neurosurgery Department of the Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University successfully completed short-term spinal cord electrode implantation surgery for two patients in the first ward of the Neurosurgery Department, and the postoperative start-up effect was significant. This surgery is the first to be carried out by the hospital, aiming to bring new hope to more patients with coma and spinal cord injury (paralysis).

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Intensive Care Medicine Empowers Precision Treatment with Scientific Hemodynamic Monitoring

On the afternoon of April 11th at 13:00, a patient with multiple traumas in the Intensive Care Department of Yan’an University Affiliated Hospital experienced a decrease in blood pressure, making it difficult to maintain the target blood pressure.

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Surgery cannot remove the tumor? This set of "combination fists" makes tumors "nowhere to hide"

When it comes to liver cancer, people are very afraid.
More than half of the global liver cancer patients are in China.
In terms of treatment, surgical resection is the first choice, but not all liver cancer can be surgically removed.
What should I do if I cannot remove it? To learn about a "black technology" for treating liver cancer

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