Watch the world’s first 360° VR surgery live stream

Now, the streaming surgeon is going live again. The Royal London hospital’s operating theatre—with the live surgery at centre stage—would be available for all to see live in virtual reality.

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Fund medical seminars, get live operation demos

A trade brochure of the Indian Arthroscopy Society conference slated for October shows how live surgical demos are offered at medical seminars to sponsors, who are divided into different categories.

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Brain Surgery Live : Patient Does Very Well, Ratings Not So Much

While the media was fascinated, or outraged at the prospect of Brain Surgery Live, showing viewers the final two hours of a much longer deep-brain stimulation procedure performed at Cleveland’s University Hospitals Case Medical Center, viewers were much less engaged.

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Channel 4 to broadcast first TV ad of live surgery

Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK have teamed up to air a colonoscopy being performed live on a patient in what the two organisations claim is a world first in broadcasting.

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